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Mortgage Lending as a Means of Capitalizing Agrarian Enterprises
Stoiko O. Y.

Stoiko, Oleh Yа. (2019) “Mortgage Lending as a Means of Capitalizing Agrarian Enterprises.” Business Inform 3:142–148.

Section: Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

Article is written in Ukrainan
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UDC 338.43:336.77.067.22:347.278

The article is aimed at researching the problems of capitalization of agrarian enterprises by means of the mortgage system of crediting of agrarian sector, developing scientific-practical recommendations to their solution. The article identifies leading role of the State in formation of mortgage relations, which consists in formation of infrastructure and resource potential of mortgage lending, and also subsidizing interest rates for mortgage credits. It is determined that for the development of mortgage relations in the national agrarian sector it is necessary to create an extensive infrastructure of the mortgage market, the constituent elements of which should be various financial and credit institutions engaged in mortgage lending upon the pledge of agricultural lands. The author substantiates the expediency of creation in Ukraine of an universal State land (mortgage) bank which, besides regulation of processes in the land market, would provide all spectrum of bank services for agrarian formations. For the use of land as a basic resource in the market turnover, it is necessary to develop an order of unlocking the process of introduction of agricultural land market with the definition of basic protectors. Further researches will be directed on improvement of the system of mortgage lending in the agrarian sector of economy and search for alternative types of credit support of agrarian enterprises.

Keywords: land mortgage, long-term crediting, mortgage lending, the State Land Bank, capitalization of agrarian sector.

Fig.: 2. Tabl.: 1. Bibl.: 16.

Stoiko Oleh Yа. – Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Credit, Polissia National University (7 Staryi Blvd, Zhytomyr, 10008, Ukraine)
Email: [email protected]

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