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The Competence Approach in the Company Staff Management: the Definitions
Korolov D. S.

Korolov, Denis S. (2019) “The Competence Approach in the Company Staff Management: the Definitions.” Business Inform 3:399–405.

Section: Management and Marketing

Article is written in Ukrainan
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UDC 005.95:005.336.2

The article is aimed at harmonizing the terminology apparatus of the subject sphere of the research on «staff management on the basis of competence approach». For the solution of the set task, dependence of competitiveness of company in conditions of innovative economy from the skill level of its workers is emphasized. The article proves the relevance of the presented research of the essence of competence approach to staff management as the basis of ensuring the competitiveness of companies in conditions of unstable business environment of transitive economy and threatening deformations of domestic labor market. The essence of concepts of «qualification», «competence», «competency», «competence approach» is researched and their place and role in the system of concepts in the subject sphere of research are defined. It is substantiated that the basic concept of the subject sphere of research should be considered the concept of «qualification», which is confirmed by the documents on obtaining an appropriate education and forms the core of educational and professional competencies of worker. It is proved that the next one in the hierarchy is the concept of «competence» as a totality of the innate personal and acquired social and professional characteristics of employee. The competence approach is characterized as a modern concept of staff management providing formation of dynamic models of competences as a standard of professional behavior of worker. A structural-logical scheme of interrelation is developed and the hierarchy of key concepts of the subject sphere of research on «company staff management on the basis of the competence approach» is defined.

Keywords: staff management, competence approach, qualification, competences of employee, competency, competitiveness of company.

Fig.: 2. Bibl.: 15.

Korolov Denis S. – Postgraduate Student, Department of Public Administration, Management and Marketing, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (59a Tsentralnyi Ave., Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, 93400, Ukraine)
Email: [email protected]

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