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The Motivational Basis of Brand Choice: the Psycho-Emotional Aspect
Boienko O. Y.

Boienko, Olena Yu. (2019) “The Motivational Basis of Brand Choice: the Psycho-Emotional Aspect.” Business Inform 3:406–411.

Section: Management and Marketing

Article is written in Ukrainan
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UDC 339.138

The article is concerned with the analysis of motivational basis of brand choice in the psycho-emotional context. It is defined that any human activity is conditioned by the presence of certain motives. In marketing, in the context of consumption, a motive is to meet the needs of consumers. This article presents a scheme of the motivational reinforcement of the fact of consumption and characterizes the patterns of consumer behavior in Ukraine: prevalence of consumption over accumulation; increased consumption of premium brands in the low-cost product groups; «anti-brand» moods; lack of prototypes and national advantages. It is clear that the choice associated with the price characteristic may be different, but it always fits into one of the following points: satisfies its own quality requests; demonstrates social status; corresponds to the wishes of relatives and friends; displays the level of material position. It is noted that from the psychological view the purchase of goods often occurs under the influence of factors of situational character. The levels of perception of brand are suggested as follows: cognitive (processing of input information); psychological (definition of own wishes and visualization of images); behavioral (translating internal processes into reality). The author defines the principles, relying on which, it is possible to explain behavior of consumers: principle of expected value; principle of discreetness; principle of fuzzy logic.

Keywords: brand, psycho-emotional aspect, cognitive level, consumer behavior, price characteristic, subjective risk.

Fig.: 3. Tabl.: 1. Formulae: 1. Bibl.: 10.

Boienko Olena Yu. – Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Head of the Department, Department of Marketing, Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University (21 600-richchia Str., Vinnytsia, 21021, Ukraine)
Email: [email protected]

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