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The Inclusive Development of Ukraine’s National Economy: Prerequisites and Dominants of Formation of a Management Strategy
Tyshchenko O. P.

Tyshchenko, Oleksandr P. (2019) “The Inclusive Development of Ukraine’s National Economy: Prerequisites and Dominants of Formation of a Management Strategy.” Business Inform 9:71–79.

Section: Mechanisms of Regulation of the Economy

Article is written in Ukrainan
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UDC 338.2

The article is aimed at identifying and analyzing the existing inclusive imbalances in the development of Ukraine’s national economy through the prism of provisions of the conception of inclusive growth, as well as identifying and substantiating the priority directions of the State economic policy and applied instruments of influence on the part of the State to ensure implementation of the model of economic development based on inclusiveness. The research determined significant discrepancies between the basic theoretical provisions of the concept of inclusive growth and the existing sectoral and territorial imbalances (inclusive disparities) in the development of national economy of Ukraine. In particular, the leading role of the agro-industrial sector in the development of the country’s national economy in recent years (share in gross value added, in exports of products, in the total number of employed) is demonstrated, at the same time, it still lags behind other economic activities and from the level of residents in cities according to such criteria of inclusiveness as the level of pay, amount of total household cash income, provision of basic social services. Priorities of the State strategy to overcome inclusive imbalances in the Ukrainian economy are defined and an instrumentarium to ensure the practical implementation of principles of the concept of inclusive growth, in particular in agro-food sector of Ukraine’s national economy is proposed. Further researches on the indicated problematics should be focused on substantiating the possibilities of implementing the best world experience into the domestic practice on formation of an inclusive strategy for development of the national economy and detailing, in view of the internal features, specific tools of the organizational, legal and financial-economic nature to manage its implementation.

Keywords: inclusive development, inclusive imbalances, concept of inclusive growth, national economy, strategy of managing inclusive development of the national economy.

Fig.: 2. Tabl.: 2. Bibl.: 27.

Tyshchenko Oleksandr P. – Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Senior Research Fellow, Professor, Department of National Economics and Public Administration, Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman (54/1 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine)
Email: [email protected]

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